Mission Vision and Values

  1. Vision

The vision enables Amhara REB to focus on its capacities, manpower and resources in order to achieve its intended future dreams. The vision reads as follows. “We strive to see a civilized, developed and a democratic society in the region.”

  1. Mission

To provide education service and produce responsible, committed and competent citizens who can contribute for the social, economic and political development of the country by addressing access, quality, equity and efficiency issues in the system with full professional and ethical commitments through active participation of the community and the development forces.

  1. Guiding principles and values

The Amhara National Regional State Education Bureau has the following guiding principles and values: –

  • Obey the principles of civil service ethics
  • Client centered quality service
  • Encourage creativity and research work
  • Team spirit with openness and trust
  • Raise the capacity and self-confidence
  • Respect the society culture
  • Believe in critics and self-criticism
  • Transparency